A Fond Farewell to The Lightning Thief

Lightning Thief Cast Posing

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Still Creating, Still Storytelling

LightningThief Cast on Stage

While Percy must fight off minotaurs, math teachers, and monsters, he doesn’t have to deal with the coronavirus, but our cast does! It has impacted the way we have run our rehearsal process and the production itself.

Cast Spotlight

The Lightning Thief Show Poster with Illustration

Working in a show with sophomores, juniors, and seniors has built a great sense of community. Throughout the production preparation, we continue to lean on each other.

Bring on the Monsters!

Five cast members in stage fighting practice

Gods, furies, demi-gods, and minotaurs all living together is quite the recipe for trouble. They battle every chance that they get. Our task is to bring the dangerous monsters of Percy’s life to our stage.

The Text Behind the Characters

Three actors practicing during the Lightning Thief rehearsal

Our cast has talked about our love for reading as kids and how that has played into us being storytellers on this stage. For me, it was the Percy Jackson series. Some other obsessions from the cast included Harry Potter, John Green Books, and the Maze Runner.

Join us on our Journey to Camp Half-Blood!

Jamie smiling at the camera

Rehearsals for The Lightning Thief are in full swing. Music is learned, and the cast are on our feet bringing this whimsical childhood story to life for you to see on the Nashville stage in October.

Darius Aushay and James Rudolph: Their Journey to Our Stage

Charlotte's Web Performers

It’s that sense of belonging that drew Darius Aushay (Wilber) and James Rudolph (Avery/Homer/Sheep), two cast members of NCT’s newly opened Charlotte’s Web at West Glow Farm, back to where they found their passion for theatre.

Notes and Nature: The Unique Sensory Experience of Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte's Web Band practicing

Families will find that behind the classic story they love, the unique music and location of the show will inspire them to think beyond the familiar and welcome new possibilities.

Charlotte’s Web: An Ongoing Commitment to BiPOC Voices

Jennifer Whicomb-Oliva performing on stage

A Nashville native, Whitcomb-Olvia attended shows at NCT with her school as a child, inspiring her to attend Nashville School of the Arts, before pursuing theatre and music in her collegiate career.

Remounting the show Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Two male performers during Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Show

Somehow, the reinvigoration of an already well-loved work of art creates a new piece, which is then make anew again with every production produced.

Experiencing Art with Others: A Step in the New Play Process

What’s special about plays as an art form and as a literary genre is the connection which they force between the story and the on-lookers.

Popular “Ghost” Goes from the Page to the Stage in Exciting NCT World Premiere

Performers on stage during Ghost show

The story follows seventh-grader Castle “Ghost” Crenshaw, as he joins a local track team and finally realizes that he can’t outrun the difficult realities of both his past and present.

Nashville Native’s Disney Dream Comes True with The Little Mermaid

Young Catherine at Disney

Birdsong says that some of her earliest memories revolve around the 1989 hit animated film, which features familiar Alan Menken songs such as “Under the Sea” and “Part of Your World.”

Mermaids Around the World

Mermaid illustration

In anticipation of our production of Disney’s The Little Mermaid, we have researched these marvelous, mythical creatures across cultures.

Nashville Puppet Master Promises an Ocean of Fun with Disney’s The Little Mermaid

Puppet and puppeteer diagram

Based on the beloved story by Hans Christian Andersen and the hit animated film, this charming musical features familiar Alan Menken songs such as “Under the Sea” and “Part of Your World.”