Acting For The Camera

Camera recording

Students will explore a different medium as they practice techniques in how to act for the camera. You will learn the intimate nature of acting on camera (versus the stage) and the demands of film. The camp will culminate in screen tests with the teaching artist providing supportive feedback.

Sails to Discovery

Young kids practicing at Drama School class

Pirates, mermaids, and sea dragons – oh my! Your student will dive into sailing the open seas with open minds and adventurous stories as their guide. Join your NCT captain and new sailing crew as you voyage onto the unpredictable waters of our planet.

Jungle Journeys

Teacher and students during jungle adventure class

Your young actor can journey into the jungle to swing from vines, escape quicksand, and battle rodents of unusual size! Students will work together to discover new and exciting civilizations, creatures, and caverns. It’s an imagination-filled adventure that they won’t want to miss.

3-2-1 Blast Off!

Snap on your space helmets, because this class is out of this world! Blast off on incredible space missions, discover new planets, and maybe even meet an alien!