“Even before engaging with formal training, Travis Cooper–also known as Santikaro, meaning “peace-bringing ray of light”–has been in love with movement and dance since he was a child. As a kid, he discovered a passion for the choreographic process, making dances with willing family members. He participated in many years of dance training mainly in Nashville, TN and Los Angeles, CA.
His training and love for dance eventually helped him land a multitude of work dancing on several episodes of “Nashville” (TV) & Cee-lo’s “Forget You”, touring with the late disco queen Donna Summers, industrials for FedEx, assistant choreographer for Just Dance: Kids, assisting choreographers internationally, etc.
While Santikaro is grateful for his thorough training and full career in the dance industry as a dancer and choreographer for music videos, tours, commercials, TV shows, films, dance companies, and industrials, he has spent years learning to integrate those formative experiences into the larger tapestry of living a purposeful, meaningful, authentic life.
Most recently, Travis is approaching the dance and movement classes he offers as a way of holding space for people no matter where they are in their journey, and seeks to provide a rich experience for all that are present in his classes.”