20 november 2022

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Girl in Costume during Drama School Class


Events, Updates

Nashville Children’s Theatre raised more than $111,000 at its Grand Night fundraiser on April 23, 2023!


Nashville Children’s Theatre is “Courageously me!” in the 2023/24 season


Grand Night is a night of dining on the stage and dancing in the lobby after raising funds to support this program through auctions and donations.

Drama School

Presented by the NCT Drama School: this is a high-octane dramatic comedy laden with homicidal fair, as well as a story of finding your true self and battling the monsters within.

Drama School, Events

Special performance by our Drama School Kids Company students who have been working on this piece since June 2nd.


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While Percy must fight off minotaurs, math teachers, and monsters, he doesn’t have to deal with the coronavirus, but our cast does! It has impacted the way we have run our rehearsal process and the production itself.


Working in a show with sophomores, juniors, and seniors has built a great sense of community. Throughout the production preparation, we continue to lean on each other.


Gods, furies, demi-gods, and minotaurs all living together is quite the recipe for trouble. They battle every chance that they get. Our task is to bring the dangerous monsters of Percy’s life to our stage.
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